Truro, Nova Scotia 

Truro is about an hour's drive from Halifax, the capital city of Nova Scotia, and is known as the Hub of Nova Scotia. With the beginning of the railway in the 1800's, Truro became an important stop in the hauling of goods to and from Halifax and to other parts of the country. Today transport trucks have taken the place of trains. In 2003 the population was 11,457 and the average household income was $30,327. Today the population is over 12,000. 

Truro is known for its beautiful 19th and 20th century architecture. In the centre of town is Victoria Park,  a park that has 400 acres of woodland, waterfalls, trails and picnic spots. The town is very concerned with staying green and this year will host its 35th annual urban tree planting program. Residents can receive up to a $50 rebate per tree planted in their yard. Truro also encourages its residents to stay physically active and there are many different sports and activities to join. Every Sunday people travel to watch horse races at the largest harness racing facility in the Maritimes.

Truro is in the middle of a farming community. The Nova Scotia Agricultural College has its home in Truro, and every week the town has a farmer's market. Some of the churches represented in Truro are Baptist, Roman Catholic, Christian Reformed, Seventh Day Adventist, United, Anglican, Presbyterian, Salvation Army, and Pentecostal.